About us

Solid Rock Camps was founded in October of 2011, but what makes our journey so unique is how God began to put together the pieces that would become Solid Rock Camps, long before anybody knew what a treasure for the Kingdom it would be. Lone Cedar Country Club has been a fixture in Eastland community since it first opened in 1961.

The original property consisted of a nine-hole course, a clubhouse, a small pool, and several older buildings and cart sheds. In 2005, the property was sold and a major development began. During this development phase, the old clubhouse and pool were torn down and many new features were added, including nine additional holes to the course a new clubhouse/restaurant, a new pool, a fitness center, a housing development, an RV Park, and over two hundred additional acres of land that were earmarked to become additional housing developments. However, the economic downfall of 2008 came in just the wrong time for the course, which resulted in the failure of the development to reach the financial requirements to maintain its current direction.

As a result, in early 2009, the decision was made to shut down the club and course unless someone else was willing to take over. At this point, the current owner of the property approached Sam Harris asking him to consider purchasing the course and some of the other properties. After much prayer and long conversations with his wife, Sam made an agreement with the owner to lease the course for one year with an option to purchase it in the future. Sam immediately felt called to use the course as a ministry opportunity, starting with the addition of the tagline “The Kingdom Course” to the course’s original name Lone Cedar.

He and his team then created a sponsorship program for each course where churches or individuals could donate to the course, which would then allow the construction of a granite maker at one of the eighteen holes; each marker included an inscribed inspirational scripture message, in addition to the notation of the pertinent hole information. The sponsorship drive was a success, and all eighteen holes now have the engraved signs creating an inspirational path along the aspirational walk (or drive) made by each of the golfers on the course.

It was soon clear, however, that God was looking to make more of this property than simply a golf course with some motivational messages. When a longstanding member of the club, and a good friend of Sam’s, passed away from breast cancer in 2010, Sam knew he wanted to create something additional for the course that would honor the unshakable faith of his friend Kathy Swift. So, a series of walking and hiking trails were added to the property through some of the comeliest areas of the land, including some magnificent vistas of the course and the lake. The hiking trail has strategically placed inspirational signs, and benches, designed to allow hikers to contemplate the beauty of nature and to revere the Maker of these wonders. In addition to the course and the walking trails. Lone Cedar restaurant opened back up in 2011, and with these amenities, many events began to be hosted on the property that allowed people to gather together to enjoy fellowship, sports activities, as well as worship and praise activities, and praise activities. But, even throughout the success of these activities God was already working on a much more in-depth plan for this property, and those involved in it. As early as 2009, the idea of somehow using the entire property in some family and faith-oriented manner began to creep into conversations.

One of the most recurrent ideas that came to the forefront of the conversation was to use the property to create a Christian camp, but the timing was never right. Then, towards the end of the summer in 2011, Sam was approached by a young man, Matt Weaver, who was possessed with a vision for a camp; he had been told that Lone Cedar might be the perfect fit for the Christian sports and family camp that God had laid on his heart. His path leading him to that meeting began several years ago, in the summer of 2004, when as a high school student he participated in a Texas A&M baseball showcase camp.

When the camp was over, God began to lay a vision of Christian camp on his heart. With the core of the vision being a camp that would use sports as a platform to help young people and their families establish a solid foundation in Christ. Two week after the baseball camp ended, Matt accepted a call into full-time Christian ministry. Throughout college, he never wavered from that vision, working part time and during the summers at camps to gain the experience he would one day need to build the camp he had so long envisioned.

The golf course, walking trails, and lake access could be the perfect venue for such a camp, and throughout the tours of the property and subsequent discussions, it became clear that the ministry Sam was envisioning for Lone Cedar, and Matt’s vision for his start-up camp, were two-halves of the same plan in God’s ministry. 

And so it was than that a partnership was formed. Quickly, these men began to excite others with the plans that they laid out and their passion for their ministry. It took little time others for to join with Matt and Sam as they too could feel God’s presence in the transitioning of this camp from concept to reality.

Thus, through much prayer and great leaps of faith, on behalf of these two men and many others who have dedicated time and finances to the project as staff, board members, and volunteers, along with their families, and an entire community, Solid Rock, Inc. has moved from concept to reality.

As we our on this journey, we have become a fully equipped retreat and summer camp facility that can minister to many different churches and organizations. God has provided us with an amazing 150-acre campus that is surrounded by His beautiful creation. What was designed built and even ran as a country club, has now become a campus that serves over 4,000 guests per year. As we look to the future, we have high hopes for a fully functional, multi-site campus that allows us to minister to over 25,000 guests per year. Our surrounding communities are beginning to see the value of Solid Rock Camps as a parachurch organization that is able to come alongside the body of Christ.

We welcome you to Solid Rock Camps!