Solid as a rock

Solid Rock Camps was founded in October of 2011, but what makes our journey so unique is how God began to put together the pieces that would become Solid Rock Camps, long before anybody knew what a treasure for the Kingdom it would be.
The original property consisted of a nine-hole course, a clubhouse, a small pool, and several older buildings and cart sheds. In 2005, the property was sold and a major development began. During this development phase, the old clubhouse and pool were torn down and many new features were added, including nine additional holes to the course a new clubhouse/restaurant, a new pool, a fitness center, a housing development, an RV Park, and over two hundred additional acres of land that were earmarked to become additional housing developments. However, the economic downfall of 2008 came in just the wrong time for the course, which resulted in the failure of the development to reach the financial requirements to maintain its current direction.